Massive Turquoise Buffalo on redwood Burl
Massive plains Bison layered in turquoise slabs and nuggets.

This is an unusual piece! A huge old plains bison, loads of turquoise, mounted on and Old Growth Redwood burl panel.

Measures approx 30 inches across, 43 inches high with the Redwood burl panel. Signed and dated.


Info about the magnificent skull: Old "herd" bull, measures 30 inches across, 30 inches high, has its original horns which are approx 16.5 and 17.5 inches long! Measurements across eye to eye approx 14 inches. Base of horns is wrapped in natural bison fur. Skull itself weighed a whopping 25 pounds before the turquoise was applied and has a finished weight of approx 31 pounds.

You may have to search a while to find one larger, this is a truly a rare size bison.

Turquoise Buffalo on Redwood Burl Panel by Joni Hamari

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