Massive Maple Burl Cap coffee table with Stone Inlay by
Nearly 8 feet across!

Truly a museum worthy piece for those who appreciate the extremely rare and unusual.
Fantastic coffee table would be a showpiece in a home or commercial placement...would be wonderful in a Lobby, Lodge, Museum, etc...

This is a an absolutely incredible Birdseye Maple Burl, likely one of the largest in the world...The grain has birdseye, swirls, flame, you name it...tons of character. It is made from a burl "cap" which means from the outer cut of the burl, it is not a slab, it is over a foot thick and it retains the live edge with birdseye grain all around the outside.

This has been a few years in progress with drying, stabilizing, filling and inlaying.
Stone Inlay randomly across the top in the natural voids, and over the edges in a few spots.

Measures 7 feet 8 inches by 7 feet 8 inches, 17 inches edge...very heavy.

Maple Burl Cap coffee table with Stone Inlay by Joni Hamari

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