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Curly Redwood Burl Coffee Table with Amber and Gold Inlay


Beautiful Curly Redwood Slab....incredible chatoyance! Changes depending on the light and viewing angle, probably the most dramatic color and grain change I have ever seen in a Redwood slab.


Measures approx 52" inches across.

Amber and Gold Inlay across the top and over the edges. There are insect inclusions in the amber including a Beetle, the first I have found in the Amber I work with...unusual find!

This slab is from a very old and large Old Growth Redwood.Base is Mesquite Roots...the top has not been mounted to the base so we could change the base to another if you prefer, or put it on a taller base to use as a dining table.

Live Edge Redwood Coffee Table, Amber and Gold Inlay by Joni Hamari

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