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Super RARE Pomelle Sapele Slab....incredible figure gorgeous luster and chatoyance! Changes depending on the light and viewing angle.
Measures approx 29.5 x 58.5 inches across the top, 15 inches high, the slab is 1.5 inches thick. Amber and Gold inlay follows the color and grain across the top and over the edges.
The color is natural! I wanted to show off the interesting color variation so I chose to frame it in Amber backed with gold...My Amber inlays are inspired by the "Amber Room" of Russia. There are a few insects in the amber!
The base is a substantial block of Eucalyptus with red and gray colors it compliments the Sapele...However, it is not yet attached to the base, if you prefer a different base just let me know.

Live Edge Pomelle Sapele Table, Amber and Gold Inlay by Joni Hamari

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