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Just in, some nice Alaskan Driftwood bases...Some great sized slabs in stock, Curly Redwood, Eucalyptus...Some really unusual Salt Cedar Birdseye Burl will be made into table bases...call with any questions or to chat about what might work for a custom order.

Shows and Events:

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Please Note: We will show mainly Furnishings at the Western Design Conference, as well as the Log and Timber Home Shows

What are we working on now? In progress but not yet photographed...if it sounds interesting to you, inquire!

Pieces in progress or just nearing completion!


Multi section Salt Cedar Burl coffee table

4 foot round contemporary Redwood coffee table

Black Acacia live edge table on Elk Antler Base...Done



Freestanding Burl accent pieces, Maple and Salt cedar

Nude female Stone torso

Life size "Dodo" Bird

Stone Pheasants




Some of the items available for immediate delivery are available in our Etsy or eBay Stores




Huge Curly Redwood Dining Table with Stone Inlay by Joni Hamari

Big gorgeous Curly Old Growth Redwood, inlaid with emerald green stone!

Fantastic table, amazing grain! Curly, wavy...VERY Rare in this size!

Table edges have a contemporary hand sculpted texture, as does the edges on the Redwood pillar base. The base is a single piece of Redwood capped by two redwood slabs (just the base is 6 feet across)

This one is sold but I have 2 more slabs remaining to make a similar (or different!) table from, up to approx 15-16 feet long 4 to 4.5 feet across...we can go rectangular or oval for a custom order.

Price: Sold inquire about a special order




Curly Redwood Burl Coffee Table with Turquoise Inlay, Elk Antler base

Fantastic table, check out the amazing grain! Curly, wavy...flat out beautiful!

Table edges are natural on the long sides. This came from a massive (about 20 to 24 feet across) Redwood. This would have been from the base, where there are deep rolls and folds, so although it came from a massive tree, it has natural edges on both sides, and very uniform curly grain side to side. Base is made from two sets of Elk Antlers.

Great piece, great example of curly Redwood!

Measures approx 5 feet long, 2 feet across, 16 inches high, signed by Joni Hamari

Price: sold, Similar slab available for a custom order Inquire




Curly Redwood Dining table, twin pillar base

Gorgeous table, Big Curly grain!

Squared edges all around, big handcrafted solid Redwood pillar bases.

Measures approx 8 feet long, 3.5 feet across, 30 inches high, signed by Joni Hamari

Price: sold, Similar slab available for a custom order Inquire




Live Edge Redwood Burl Coffee Table with Stone Inlay

Nice thick slab of Redwood, Curly, wavy grain...stone inlay in the natural voids and randomly across the surface...live edge all around.

Measures approx 6.5 feet long, 2.5 feet across, 17 inches high, signed by Joni Hamari

Price: Sold, similar slabs available Inquire




RARE! Osage Orange Burl Coffee Table with Amber and 23 Karat Gold Inlay by Joni Hamari

Some very rare figured wood! Osage Orange Burl...we recently milled this amazing log in to table slabs, we have 6 or 8 slabs remaining, and that will likely be all that I will ever have...I have never seen another Osage with this much burl in my 20 years of woodworking...the entire tree was burled, including the branches!

This table is inlaid with natural Amber and pure Gold in the natural voids in the log, the amber has numerous insect inclusions for even more interest! (the entire log was hollow, so I will likely be inlaying all the slabs)

Measures approx 32 x 24 inches across, 16 inches high, Hairpin legs (if you prefer a different base we can do that for you) signed by Joni Hamari

Matching slab shown below...these would make a gorgeous set of end tables!

Price: Sold, other slabs available Inquire



Eucalyptus Bench (or Coffee Table) with Turquoise Inlay

Live edge Eucalyptus slab, inlaid in the natural voids with Turquoise nuggets...contemporary twisted hairpin legs

Measures approx 54" long, 17 inches across, 17 inches high, signed by Joni Hamari

Price: $956.00 Inquire



Redwood Desk

Incredible Huge Redwood Desk, made from a single slab of "Old Growth" Redwood.

The top is a 3 1/2 inch thick Old Growth Redwood slab, we left the natural edges to give a refined rustic feel. Beautiful grain, sprinkled with Birdseye! It sets upon a Redwood Root base, the base is a natural crescent shape...incredible.

Measures 8 Feet across...approximately coved in the back, it is still at 55" deep, almost 5 feet across the center! Finally complete, we fabricated a steel plate to support the cantilevered top over the root base...This is a  heavy piece, around 800 to 900 pounds!

Photo below shows the just completed inlay! A gorgeous multi colored natural stone!

Purchase price, Sold, Inquire about a similar one

This desk is so massive it is difficult to photograph...This is 8 feet across, 5 feet front to back!



Giant Sequoia Bar!

Incredible Huge Giant Sequoia Bar, made from a single slab of a Branch

The top is a 3 1/2 inch thick Sequoia slab, we left the natural edges to give a refined rustic feel. Beautiful grain, mainly straight, with a few knots. It sets upon a massive Redwood stump base, with three Redwood Burl Shelves fit into the base for your convenience...incredible.

Measures 12 Feet across...approximately 3 to 4 feet across the top, and 44 inches high. Stone inlay...

Check out the Furniture page



Turquoise Inlaid Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus with natural turquoise nugget inlay

Rich, beautiful wood! This slab of Eucalyptus has been inlaid with natural Turquoise nuggets in the naturally occurring voids in the wood... it had a very interesting shape in the voids, so I decided to take advantage of what nature had already provided and really show it off. Live edges and contemporary angled ends give a refined rustic feel.

I think it has potential to be used a few different ways. It would show very well as a coffee table, sofa table or a buffet table, but would also be spectacular used as a headboard or an art piece over a sofa.

Measures approximately 6'4" long, 29" wide

Sound interesting? Available! Inquire



New! Cutting Boards...from some beautiful woods, find them in our eBay or Etsy store


"Restless" Sculpted Horse Painting by Joni Hamari

Original Oil, 60 x 72 inches (5 x 6 feet), on hand stretched custom gallery canvas.

Canvas is 1.5 inches thick, and painted over the sides, so it can be displayed without a frame, or framed if you would like. Spectacular.

Available in Paintings




Check back often! I am always doing something New!   


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